Club Rules

1) Application for membership shall be made on the
clubs application form.
2) Membership cards must be produced upton entry.
Failure to produce cards will result in guest charges
applying and full tables rates during off peak.
3) Membership cards are not tranferable.
4) The management reserves the right to refuse
admission to any member or their guest.
5) The member shall be held responsible for the
conduct of his/hers guest.
6) A member shall not at anytime introduce any guest
who has been expelled from the club.
7) Off peak rates will not apply if a member fails to
produce his/her membership card.
8) No applicant shall become a member until his/hers
application has been approved by the club committee.
9) All membership fess are non refundable and  the membership
card remains the property of the club.
10) Every member shall pay all expenses incurred by him/her
before leaving the premises.
11) A member shall at anytime introduce only  3 guest who must sign in upon entry.
12) Only food or drink purchased in this club may be consumed on the premises.