House Rules

1. The supplying of drugs and usage of drugs on
club premise is strictly forbidden, any persons
found doing the above will be barred for life, and
reported to the police.
2. Alcohol. abuse is strictly forbidden any persons
found to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the
premises and will be barred for life.
3. Acts of violence or threats to staff or other
customers will result in your membership being
terminated for life and the risk of a private
prosecution been taken against you.
4. All unfinished alcohol will be removed 15
minutes after the bar has closed.
5. Table lights will not be switched off until the
balls are returned to the reception.
6. Everybody must report to reception upon entry.
Failure to do so will result in guest charges
applied to your table account.
7. The phones situated in the club are to be used
solely for the purpose of ordering and not to be used
to ask about the table charges.
8. The member will be held responsible for any
acts of vandalism or damaged caused on club
premises I.E. Breaking cues, Breaking windows,   
tearing snooker or pool cloth. The club will
endeavour to recover the replacement cost
caused by the member

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