Spring league

The Spring League was introduced in 2002 and quickly became part of the competition calender. Although the format has changed slightly each year the basics remain. The first stage is run on a league basis over a number of weeks with the top players qualifying for the Final Knock-out tournament.

Upton Park Snooker Centre
Spring League Champions
2002 Tony Jarman  
2003 Rahul Malhi  
2004 Ravi Lakhani  
2005 Umberan Akthar  
2006 Kevin Selby
2007 Nirmal Bamotra
2008 Michael Caracino
2009 Bodrul Alom
2010 Peter Devlin
2011 Hasnat Sarwar
2012 Matt Gevaux
2013 Henry Roper
2014 Jaspal Bamotra
2015 Emma Parker

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