Memorial photos 2012

It all begins with the draw.

Billy and Gary make sure there's no funny business going on.

Bq can't make his mind up!!!!!

Barnaby gave away so many fouls in 1 match it cost him 9.00 

@ 50p per foul. I think he was glad he didn't win too many match's.

Billy playing

BQ playing

Charon playing.

Ben playing

Vladimir playing

The "Nugget"

Jitt says it all

Mark playing

Terry playing

Barnaby Playing.    Could this be another foul..........

Matt  playing

Vladimir battles his way into the quarter-final


Henry playing

Jazz playing

Peter D playing

Peter F playing

Rum playing

The match goes 2-2 so its a straight re-spot black to decide it.

Jakir playing the semi-final

Simon in the semi-final

Omer in the semi-final

Mark & Simon in the semi-finals


Jakir Wins



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